Raga Unveiled - The History and Essence of Northern Indian Classical Music. A film by Gita Desai

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Nutan Mehta, Avon, CT
March 19, 2009


Pratima and I truly enjoyed the Hartford, CT premier of "Raga Unveiled". While the abridged version was certainly enjoyable, I must say that the full four hour version that I saw in the comfort of my home was enrapturing. My interest and attention were heightened and maintained through out the viewing.

As I mused on all that I saw, the word "Unveiled" in the title seemed so very apropos. Indian classical music, despite existing for centuries has always seemed a misty figure behind a sheer veil. I have always sensed its beauty and marveled that something so beautiful is sculpted by using merely a handful of musical notes. Here lies one of the most majestic confluence of mathematics and music. Few notes permuted and combined into almost infinite variations of musical gems. The more one hears, the more the mystery deepens.

One reaches a point where listening to a composition is not enough. A desire to comprehend the various constructs; the building blocks to analyze various configurations, to classify, categorize and grasp its depth becomes overarching.

Scholars and students have pursued a quest for knowledge and understanding theoretically and empirically for generations. Although their endeavors deserve a great round of applause and our gratitude, I feel that the lay people with interest in this field had still been left behind because the knowledge was so mired in secrecy (veil) and jargon that only the musical elite could comprehend. So "Raga Unveiled" is undoubtedly providing a great service to lay people.

It certainly unveiled not only the misty figure that I mentioned but also many more statues and icons that were awaiting their day in the sun. This documentary has the power, both in terms of content and coverage, to be an excellent educational tool with capacity to span the cultural divide between East and West. I do not doubt that viewers of this documentary will have their interest peaked and their spirits uplifted. You have given Indian parents abroad an excellent tool to bring their children closer to Indian Classical music. I have a strong feeling that many will thank "Raga Unveiled" for inspiring them to make this art form an integral part of their lives.

As you know, I am an ardent listener of Indian Classical Music since childhood. I always have cherished its beauty, esthetics and spirituality. To know that "Raga Unveiled" is now available to many more people to enjoy and understand the beauty of Indian Classical music is a heart-warming feeling for me.

Congratulations to you and Mukesh for undertaking this adventure and more importantly, sharing it with others.

Wishing you all the success,


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