Raga Unveiled - The History and Essence of Northern Indian Classical Music. A film by Gita Desai

Gita Desai

Gita Desai has always viewed traditional Indian culture and art in all its manifestations with the utmost reverence. From India’s philosophical ideas to its food, music and dance, Gita treasures the richness and sophistication of ancient Indian culture. Because Indian culture is holistic and integrative by nature, she set out to make two films that would capture the breadth and depth of India’s cultural offerings. Gita’s first endeavor, Yoga Unveiled, traces the roots of the yogic tradition from its beginnings to the present day. Her second documentary, Raga Unveiled, explores the essence of North Indian classical music. Both films illuminate the power of these traditions to liberate and transform mankind over the course of several thousand years to the present day.

Gita resides in CT with her husband Mukesh, who funded these two films, for the past 28years.

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